10 Activities to Keep Your Dog Occupied on Rainy Days


Rainy days can be difficult for some dogs. While some dogs may like going out and jumping in puddles, others absolutely despise going out in the rain.

Your dog still needs physical and mental stimulation on those rainy days, despite the fact that he/she may not be very fond of those rain droplets. Especially if you want to avoid him chewing your sandals to pieces or interrupting your work meetings.

But don’t worry, here are 10 indoor activities dogs can do on rainy days that will keep your pup entertained during those long, rainy days.

1. Use Hide and Seek Games to Implement Nose Work

Hide and Seek games give dogs an excellent opportunity to work with their nose because they have to rely on their sniffing to find the treats they so desperately crave.

You can easily play a hide and seek game with your dog by simply hiding treats in areas that aren’t easily found without some hunting. Little nooks and crannies are good for this, but so are ball pits, blanket forts, and scent work kits specifically designed for this kind of playtime!

2. Go to a Dog-Friendly Indoor Location

Even if it’s raining, it doesn’t mean you have to stay home! You could take your dog to a dog-friendly location like a restaurant or brewery to keep them from getting bored at home.

Dog-friendly spots in your town are great ways to get your dog out and about, helping them release that extra energy. It’s also great for socializing and familiarizing them with different locations.

3. Blow Bubbles For Your Dog to Chase

Trust us when we say most dogs are absolutely flabbergasted by bubbles. They love watching them, chasing them, and even popping them once you show them how.

Investing in some dog bubbles for rainy days could come in handy! Whip out those bubbles that taste like peanut butter and bacon and watch as your dog goes nuts trying to catch them. We bet you’d get some pretty cute pictures out of it, too.

4. Use Puzzle Toys to Stimulate Their Brain

Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your pup from dying of boredom. They keep their brains stimulated while also keeping them entertained. Not to mention, it keeps them busy and out of trouble!

You can buy all kinds of puzzle toys but if you don’t have one on hand the next time it rains, you can just throw treats in a muffin tin and put tennis balls on top!

5. Invite Over Their Doggy Friends For a Play Date

If it’s social interaction your dog will be missing on a rainy day, why not set up a doggy play date? Invite over their best doggy friend and pull out some puzzle toys, ropes for tug of war, and set up various objects as an obstacle course.

Just be sure that none of the dogs you invite over have issues with resource guarding beforehand. And you can always use gates to fence them off away from anything valuable or breakable!

6. Build an Agility Course

If your dog has a major case of the zoomies on rainy days, investing time to create an at-home agility course could be the route to go. There are all kinds of agility equipment for dogs available online, but you could also build your own using boxes, brooms, chairs, and anything you have on hand!

Anything can be used to create an agility course as long as your dog can jump over, duck under, weave around, or climb over it. Your dog won’t even remember what the zoomies are after going through an agility course!

7. Play Indoor Games

You can easily play with their favorite outdoor toys indoors on rainy days with just a little modification. Tug-of-war, fetch, and even soccer can all be played inside.

You could take multiple tennis balls and keep them moving around the room, allowing your dog to try and keep them all away from you but laugh as they continuously fail when there is just too many.

Or play soccer with a soft ball by kicking it around with your dog, trying to get it past them. The options are limitless!

8. Pamper Your Pup

Your dog will inevitably have to go outside to go potty at some point and more likely than not, they will have to end up getting wet and stinky. So why not turn the day into a pampering one?

Give that pup a bath, a doggie facial, and maybe a pawdicure while you’re at it. Plus, brush their toofies!

And don’t forget to get in on the spaw day with a facial and pedicure yourself! It could be a fun bonding activity that not only passes time but also keeps them smelling nice and fresh.

9. Teaching New Tricks To Your Dog

Another great way to keep your dog from getting bored is by teaching them some new tricks when they are stuck inside all day. No matter how smart your pup is, we bet there’s at least one they don’t know.

Bonus points if you can teach them how to bring you the remote or a drink from the fridge!

10. Have a Photoshoot

Does your dog have an immaculate wardrobe that needs showing off? If so, set up a backdrop and have a photoshoot to flaunt the fit!

Even better, take pictures of your dog going through your obstacle course or playing with a toy you got them.

You’ll soon forget all about the rain when you start having so much fun with your best furry friend!

At the end of the day, what you do with your dog on rainy days all depends on your dog’s preferences. Some dogs love the rain and want to run around in it all day long!

If this is your dog, consider investing in a little rain jacket and waterproof booties, and keep a towel and paw cleaner by the door. But if this isn’t your dog, no worries. Some dogs hate the rain and that’s okay, too. Just make sure you have plenty of things they can do to keep them busy when the rain starts falling.

The key to rainy days to is have plenty of indoor activities dogs can do to keep them stimulated and active without getting in trouble. As long as you do that for your pup, you will be good to go!