30 Gifts to Spoil Your Pup This Christmas

Christmas Pug
Christmas Pug / AndrewLozovyi/Depositphotos.com

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Christmas is a time to let our loved ones know how much they mean to us—and that includes the family dog! From gourmet dog treats and interactive toys to personalized blankets and waterproof coats, keep scrolling for 30 great gift ideas to show the dog in your life just how much they mean to you.  

1. Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks for Large Dogs 

This holiday season, bring out special treats for your favorite dog. These Nature Gnaws bully sticks—perfect for aggressive chewers—are good for stress and dental health!  Get it here on Amazon!

Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks
Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks / Image by Amazon

2. Dog Soccer Ball with Grab Tabs

Part ball, part tug toy, this soccer ball dog toy is sure to keep your pup entertained for hours! The ball is made of actual soccer ball material and includes tabs and a long strap for easy and convenient play.  Original Price: $19.99; New Price: $17.64 (-12%). Get it here on Amazon!

Dog Soccer Ball
Dog Soccer Ball / Image by Amazon

3. Dog Treat Maker 

Your dog may not be the one wearing the chef’s hat, but this bone-shaped treat maker is the dog gift that keeps on giving! The treat maker makes up to eight treats at once and even comes with a guide for making healthy, unprocessed, pet-approved snacks. Original Price: $29.99; New Price: $24.99 (-17%). Get it here on Amazon!

Dog Treat Maker
Dog Treat Maker / Image by Amazon

4. Portable Pet Water Bottle with Food Container 

This portable pet water bottle and food container may seem like a gift of convenience, but it’s really a gift of freedom—the freedom to take your dog with you wherever you go. The water bottle comes in three color options and your choice of 10 or 19 ounces.  Original Price: $22.99; New Price: $18.99 (-17%). Get it here on Amazon!

Portable Dog Water Bottle
Portable Dog Water Bottle / Image by Amazon

5. Pup Claw Squeakers (Pack of 2)

Your dog can join in the fun with these Pup Claw dog toys. Each “can” measures seven inches and includes an internal squeaker your pup is sure to find irresistible. Original Price: $19.99; New Price: $13.99 (-30%). Get it here on Amazon!

Pup Claw Squeakers
Pup Claw Squeakers / Image by Amazon

6. Dog Bandanas (Pack of 6)

Is a bandana the Christmas gift equivalent of a sweater? We don’t know, but we sure love this six-pack of stylish striped, plaid, and gingham dog bandanas! Original Price: $25.99; New Price: $12.99 (-50%). Get it here on Amazon!

Dog Bandanas
Dog Bandanas / Image by Amazon

7. Pet Heating Pad 

Keep your dog warm this winter (or make your older, arthritic dog more comfortable) with this heating pad specially designed for pets. The seven-layer bed features six set temperatures and a timer for extra safety. Original Price: $49.99; New Price: $39.99 (-20%). Get it here on Amazon!

Pet Heating Pad
Pet Heating Pad / Image by Amazon

8. Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy

Keep your clever pet sharp with this interactive puzzle featuring various drawers and pockets that your dog can learn to unlock for treats. Original Price: $27.49; New Price: $18.74 (-32%). Get it here on Amazon!

Treat Puzzle Toy
Treat Puzzle Toy / Image by Amazon

9. 3-in-1 Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

This 3-in-1 dog toy is perfect for puppies or aggressive chewers. Once your dog gets through the two tough exteriors, they’re rewarded with a delightful squeaky ball. Original Price: $15.99; New Price: $14.99 (-6%). Get it here on Amazon!

3 in 1 Dog Toy
3 in 1 Dog Toy / Image by Amazon

10. Pack of 7 Cute Dog Toys

Consider this pack of seven adorable dog toys for the puppy in your life. The toys range from ropes to a plush cow and are specially designed to help puppies' teeth in the healthiest way.  Original Price: $19.99; New Price: $16.99 (-15%). Get it here on Amazon!

Cute Dog Toys
Cute Dog Toys / Image by Amazon

11. Personalized Dog Mat

Available in three sizes and a slew of color options, this comfy dog bed can be personalized with your pet’s name. And did we mention they’re machine washable? Get it here on Amazon!

Personalized Dog Mat
Personalized Dog Mat / Image by Amazon

12. Giant Tennis Ball

Ball-loving canines are sure to go nuts when they see this giant, 9.5-inch tennis ball sitting under the tree! Original Price: $18.99; New Price: $17.58 (-7%). Get it here on Amazon!

Giant Tennis Ball
Giant Tennis Ball / Image by Amazon

13. Microfiber Dog Bathrobe

Say goodbye to that nail-biting time between a bath or rainy walk and a completely dry coat (please don’t shake!). This chic microfiber dog bathrobe keeps your pet warm while rapidly absorbing moisture from their coat.  Get it here on Amazon!

Microfiber Dog Bathrobe
Microfiber Dog Bathrobe / Image by Amazon

14. Box of Gourmet Dog Treats

Your dog will love this pretty box filled with delicious gourmet dog treats, all of which have been handmade with only the best ingredients! Get it here on Amazon!

Gourmet Dog Treats
Gourmet Dog Treats / Image by Amazon

15. Antler Dog Chew 

Odorless and completely safe, antlers are an ideal chew toy for any dog, especially aggressive chewers. Choose between six sizes. Get it here on Amazon!

Antler Dog Chew
Antler Dog Chew / Image by Amazon

16. GPS Pet Tracker 

For the all-too-adventurous dog in your life, consider a GPS tracker. Available in black or white, the tracker allows you to track your dog throughout the U.S. Get it here on Amazon! 

GPS Pet Tracker
GPS Pet Tracker / Image by Amazon

17. 11-Pack of Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers 

Big-time chewers are hard to buy for, making this pack of 11 dog toys a perfect gift! The pack of toys includes ropes, tennis balls, textured bones, and a tug-of-war toy. Get it here on Amazon!

Dog Toys for Aggressive Dogs
Dog Toys for Aggressive Dogs / Image by Amazon

18. Waterproof Dog Blanket

For your dog, this waterproof dog blanket is a comfortable spot to sleep on your bed or sofa. But for you, it’s the gift of less dog hair and maybe one less load of laundry. Sounds good to us. Original Price: $28.99; New Price: $25.99 (-10%). Get it here on Amazon!

Waterproof Dog Blanket
Waterproof Dog Blanket / Image by Amazon

19. No Stuffing Plush Toys (5 Pack)

Dogs—and owners—who prefer toys without stuffing will love this five-pack of no-stuffing dog toys. Each of the fox, tiger, lion, squirrel, and raccoon is delightfully flexible, squeaky, and, best of all, not a choking hazard. Original Price: $29.99; New Price: $25.88 (-14%). Get it here on Amazon!

20. SpongeBob SquarePants Mr. Krabs Rope Toy

With its sturdy body and nearly indestructible rope limbs, this Mr. Krabs dog toy is a great addition to the basket! Original Price: $12.99; New Price: $11.24 (-13%). Get it here on Amazon!

Mr. Krabs Rope Toy
Mr. Krabs Rope Toy / Image by Amazon

21. 2-in-1 Interactive Plush Toy

Best for small dogs or puppies, this humorous plush toy from BarkBox invites your dog to open the takeaway box and find the squeaky dumplings! Get it here on Amazon! 

2-in-1 Dumpling Plush Toy
2-in-1 Dumpling Plush Toy / Image by Amazon

22. Tug of War Interactive Dog Toy

A must-have for the toy basket, this tug-of-war toy sticks to the floor to keep your dog entertained for hours on end. Original Price: $19.99; New Price: $17.99 (-10%). Get it here on Amazon!

Tug of War Dog Toy
Tug of War Dog Toy / Image by Amazon

23. Bob-a-Lot Treat Dispenser

The Bob-a-Lot treat dispenser keeps your dog entertained while inviting him also to use his brain. To use, simply fill the large hole with your dog’s favorite treats, set the Bob-a-Lot on the floor, and watch your dog have fun! Original Price: $14.99; New Price: $13.49 (-10%). Get it here on Amazon!

Bob-a-Lot Treat Dispenser
Bob-a-Lot Treat Dispenser / Image by Amazon

24. iFetch Q-100 Idig Digging Toy

The iFetch Q-100 Idig makes a perfect gift for a dog who stays home alone. Simply hide treats and toys inside the Idig’s flaps and let your dog dig to find them! Get it here on Amazon!

iFetch Q-100 Idig Digging Toy
iFetch Q-100 Idig Digging Toy / Image by Amazon

25. Waterproof Reversible Winter Dog Coat

Keep your favorite dog nice and toasty with this waterproof winter coat. Available in various sizes and patterns, this dog coat is reversible and conveniently features a hole at the neck for a leash.  Get it here on Amazon!

Waterproof Reversible Winter Dog Coat
Waterproof Reversible Winter Dog Coat / Image by Amazon

26. K9 Kabobs

Packed with flavor and healthier than the average dog treat, these K9 Kabobs make a delightful treat for your canine companion. Choose between chicken and duck kabobs or chicken, duck, and sweet potato kabobs. Get it here on Amazon!

 K9 Kabobs
K9 Kabobs / Image by Amazon

27. Dog Bath Brush

Make bath time a little more comfortable with this dog bath brush. The cleverly designed brush comes in three pastel colors and includes a spot for shampoo to help with a more even soaping.  Original Price: $14.99; New Price: $7.99 (-47%). Get it here on Amazon!

Dog Bath Brush
Dog Bath Brush / Image by Amazon

28. Musher’s Secret

Though not as fun as a toy, your dog is sure to appreciate Musher’s Secret, an all-season paw salve that protects the sensitive pads of his feet against hot concrete, sand, ice, and snow. Get it here on Amazon!

Musher's Secret
Musher's Secret / Image by Amazon

29. Embark Dog DNA Test

Have questions about your dog’s ancestry, behavioral traits, or health? Then pick up this Embark Dog DNA Test, an industry leader in at-home canine genetic screening. Original Price: $199; New Price: $134 (-33%). Get it here on Amazon!

Embark Dog DNA Test
Embark Dog DNA Test / Image by Amazon

30. Velvet Dog Collar and Leash

Gift your dog this chic velvet collar and leash, and help them start the new year with a new style. The collar is available in five sizes and multiple colors and can be purchased with or without the matching leash. Get it here on Amazon!

Velvet Dog Collar and Leash
Velvet Dog Collar and Leash / Image by Amazon

When it comes time to pile gifts under the Christmas tree, don’t forget your favorite pet! Whether your style is more full basket of toys or an entire box of gourmet dog treats, we hope we’ve provided you with some great Christmas gift ideas for your dog.