What is the Life Expectancy of a Cat?


Just like the life expectancy of humans has grown over the years thanks to modern technology and medicine, so has a cat’s life expectancy.

The average lifespan of an indoor cat is on average from 13 to 17 years of age. Some may live well past that into their 20s and some might have a shorter life expectancy due to other variables outside of your control.

However, for an outdoor cat, an average lifespan is anywhere between 2-5 years of age, a dramatic difference. But given the abundance of dangers that outdoor cats face such as predators or being hit by a car, outside factors play a big role in their lifetime.

So the real question is how do I make sure my cat lives a long, fulfilling life?

Here are some of the ways you can extend the lifespan of your cat!

1. Medical Care

Making sure that your cat is routinely and annually seen by a veterinarian is one way to ensure that any potential issues with your cat are caught early on. It is likely that your cat will not let you know when they are feeling unwell so it is important you are proactive in your care for them. Preventative care can provide vaccinations needed and tests that can help before it might become too late to reverse the damage. Insurance for cats can also help reduce the cost of what you may spend on medical care.

2. Diet

What you put in your body is reflective of how well you feel and how it can determine your health, just as it does with your cat. Feeding your cat food that is highly rich in nutrients and vitamins is important to the overall betterment of your cat’s long life. Your veterinarian can be a great resource for suggestions of food that you can find at your local markets.

3. Activity

Cats are sometimes known for their laziness, especially if they are indoor cats. So how do you get them moving? It is great to introduce games like a laser pointer, chasing a toy mouse, or a ball of yarn. For indoor cats, you can also take them for a walk to get them moving.

4. Avoiding Lethargy

Just as you need to keep your mind active to promote health and well-being, cats need to be stimulated as well. Introducing new toys consistently, having them climb cat towers, spending time with them, or taking them out while supervised if they are indoor cats.   

While of course, there is no one telling us how long they will live, the steps above will help to improve the life expectancy of your cat. The more love, attention, and exercise they receive will help increase their health and hopefully their well-being for a long time! Your veterinarian is also your partner and does not forget to rely on them when you are in need of how to best care for your pet.